Lieutenant Junior Grade Andrei Vorobyov
Name: Andrei Alekseivich Vorobyov
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair/Eyes: Black/Blue
Age: 33
Distinguishing Marks:
Character Appearance:
Andrei is tall at 6ft 2ins, slender and agile. He is often so busy working that he forgets his physical appearance. As such, it’s not unusual to see his greying black wavy hair unkempt and overgrown. He has blue eyes which some have described as “[sometimes] frightening” or stormy. His skin is very pale and tends to only burn in the sun, never tan. When with a patient, reading or observing something, he is seen wearing round wire glasses, tinted due to his sensitivity to light.

Character Personality:
Slightly introverted, Andrei prefers to stay out of trouble and though polite, tries to stay away from socialising for too long with any one person. He has no friends at all, his only friend from Russia having been far too clingy, meaning he had to end their friendship or risk being smothered. He does tend to get lonely, however, and is open to having acquaintances. Brought up in a very proud Russian household, he often refuses to take help offered to him, whether it is vital to him or not.

Andrei is a quick thinker and enjoys puzzles in his spare time to unwind, including mathematical puzzles, riddles and word puzzles. This not only helps him to relax, but also trains him to think logically. His ability to keep cool under pressure and his compassion help in his work with the public during several cases, and would help in his social life if he allowed himself to have one. That’s not to say he isn’t friendly and approachable; he had however been soured to the experience by his former best friend.

Sometimes, he manages to exhaust himself by staying up late. He waves off the tiredness and lack of focus on the following days by citing “not enough coffee; I’ll be fine.” Now and again he finds himself so tired that he falls asleep at his desk, though he can force himself to stay awake when he's needed.

Character Background:
Andrei Alekseivich Vorobyov was born two months premature in the port town of Novorossiysk, Russia to school teacher Anya Vorobyova and Aleksei Vorobyov, a fisherman. Because he was so small and frail, his parents were extremely overprotective of him, and so he grew up with very few friends, his parents believing that rough play (as is natural with young boys) would harm their child, and so they would routinely scare off any new friends he made. Andrei somewhat resented this, but was never bold enough to talk back, his family running a traditional Russian home, and even went to ballet classes though he felt it was girlish. As he grew, however, he went into a rebellious phase from which he never emerged.

His home life took a drastic downturn; he would argue at great lengths with his parents, especially his father, who insisted on his son following the family tradition of becoming a fisherman. Young Andrei had other plans, fascinated by the Western world, wishing to leave the small port town to flourish elsewhere. He started to talk back and misbehave, causing his father to disown him for not “upholding the traditional Russian family spirit”. This was the final straw for Andrei, and despite his mother’s protests, he left home at only sixteen to study psychology in Moscow. In Moscow, he made friends with a boy called Aleksandr Sorokin, a lonely young man whose fear of being alone caused him to be clingy and jealous. Andrei tried numerous times to get Aleks to go to a therapist, but it ended rather unfortunately in the psychology student breaking his so-called friend's nose, an incident he doesn't really like to talk about.

Andrei left Moscow after getting his Psy. D in psychology to go to Starfleet Academy at the age of twenty-four. It was really simply to get away from Aleks, convinced the man was crazy. At Starfleet Academy, he majored in psychology, and minored in medicine (mainly emergency medical practise). Upon graduation, he was placed on a training vessel where he spent most of his time assisting the medical staff as an emergency first-aider, his counselling experience consisting of observing a superior officer counsellor during sessions, despite the fact that Andrei already had some experience of counselling patients back home. As such, he is more than eager to start counselling on a new ship.