Doran Rehklau

Name: Doran Jaehyun Rehklau
Race: Betazoid
Birthplace: Betazed
Birthdate: 2330
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 84kg
Hair: Black/Brown
Eyes: Black
* Father: Aidan Jaehyun
* Mother: Melisande Rehklau (deceased)
* Wife: Indira Meryn (deceased)
* Daughter: Jayashri Meryn


Physical Description: A solid man of medium build, Doran is a healthy middle-aged Betazoid, if a touch stout from months of forced inactivity. He's managed to tone away the worst, though, and to rebuild muscle in the process. In his mid fifties, he is - by Betazoid standards - still well in the early years of his prime and more than capable of starting a new life for himself..

Personality: For all the abuse he has received in the past decade or so, Doran has maintained his calm, easy-going demeanor. A warm, loving man, he cares deeply for those close to him. Where he a professional within the fleet, he would be ideal for the medical or counseling fields; as it were, he seems perfectly suited as lounge manager for the USS Camelot.

Background: Born the only child of a middle-class family, Doran Rehklau had a good childhood. His parents adored him, and though his mother would have liked daughters to carry on her family name, she herself was a younger daughter so the strain of primogeniture did not rest on her shoulders. His father was a merchant and handed on his expertise to Doran.

Both parents expected their son to marry a girl of his rank and enjoy a peaceful life; therefore, when Doran announced that he had fallen for the daughter of one of the great houses, there was no small amount of consternation - on both sides of the union. The girl, a beauty known as Indira, had been genetically bonded to another young man as an infant, but she defied her parents to be with Doran, and the two eloped from Betazed, taking to life in the stars.

It was there that Indira became pregnant with her first child. Joy bound the young couple and they planned what their life would be with the new arrival. That joy only increased as a perfect daughter was born to the pair - only to be shattered with the onset of Indira's illness. Doran did all in his power to care for his young bride, but in the end he was forced to call upon help of the nearest planet. The result was disasterous. Arriving too late to save Indira's life, Doran found himself imprisoned, his infant Jaya torn from his hands and his ship stolen. Much later he was given the choice of exile or self-imposed slavery. Knowing there was no life without Indira, and craving to maintain some connection with his daughter, Doran agreed to the latter.
  Such began a new chapter in life. Though he chafed under the yoke of enforced servitude to the Amazonian society, Doran found his joy in the brief moments when he was able to see Jaya. He watched her grow from afar, aching to hold his daughter yet praising the deities that she was safe and cared for. His devotion was rewarded when - as her psionic abilities developed - Doran was tapped to help train the girl in their use. It was these times together in which father and daughter began to truly bond.

The years passed too quickly. Jaya excelled in her classes and gained honor well deserved her. However, when she took steps to free her father, the plan backfired, nearly costing both their lives. Doran was imprisoned and Jaya chastised for her actions. He remained there for years until it was declared he would be executed for his crime of attempting to corrupt a daughter of Nakabis. The news pained Doran, but it drove Jaya to find someway of rescuing her father.

Her plan, this time, succeeded with outside help. The Federation came to the planet in the essence of the USS Camelot on diplomatic purposes. One thing led to another and soon both Jaya and Doran found themselves accepting assylum aboard the Federation vessel and embarking on a new life of freedom.