Captain Elizabeth Hutchinson

Task Force CO of the Quarter Unit of Merit, Bronze

Name: Elizabeth Hutchinson
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135
Hair Color: Golden-brown, greying slightly at the temples.
Skin Color: Creamy-fair with a slight hint of warm tones
Eye Color: Deep, warm blue
Place of Birth: Transport ship, halfway through a supply run
Date of Birth: July 14th

Languages: Romulan, Cardassian

Interests: Writing, ballet, archery

Description: Elizabeth's initial presentation of stern rigidness is entirely misleading. She is a graceful, no-nonsense woman who enjoys looking quite proper with her hair in an ancient-style updo and her uniform tidy. Her possessions are few, but rich and well-chosen. Despite her intimidating initial appearance, she is a very friendly person, and the few faint lines beginning to show around her eyes betray years of frequent smiling.

She is not readily a fighter, her measured grace being a product of years of ballet rather than hand-to-hand combat, but she is an excellent marksman.

Personality: It is nearly impossible to separate Elizabeth's intellect from her personality. Quick on the uptake, she picks up new ideas readily and is willing to consider any solution, howeve bizarre. She puts more emphasis in her command style on efficiency than on rigid adherence to regulations and will readily accept unconventional workers as long as there is a sense of respect and excellent performance.

Off-duty and on, she has a quick but dry wit, an odd mix of cynicism and optimism, mostly cheerful and almost always calm. The greater the emergency, the more dire the situation, the calmer she looks and sounds.

Elizabeth is the only daughter and technically the heiress of a rather well-to-do trading company. Her father groomed her from an early age in hopes that she would one day take his place as head of the company. Unfortunately, Elizabeth had a mind of her own, and wanted to become a writer. As he tried to get her to understand facts and figures, she spent her spare time writing descriptions of people and places she had never been.

The two clashed frequently, their arguments worsening as she developed a sharp wit and gained further ability to infuriate him with her well-placed words. In her mid-teens, she ran away after such a fight and spent over a year on her own, doing what she could to maintain food and shelter as she struggled to become a famous writer. She returned home, broke and hungry, and spent all of one week there before she and her father argued again. This time, she left and joined Starfleet.

Starting out in the Intelligence department, Elizabeth was coaxed into Strat Ops by an older man who became a mentor and father figure to the young officer. She soaked up every bit of information and encouragement he gave her, and it was during this time that she finally published her first book under a pen name.

Years later, head of her own department, Elizabeth found herself flourishing. The Dominion War offered many opportunities for her to exercise her skill, and 'behind the scenes', under anonymity, her books were doing reasonably well. Her life shifted tracks suddenly, however, during a fierce battle in which her ship ended up separated from the fleet. The captain and XO were both killed in the battle, and she took control. Through a mixture of ingenuity and good leadership, Elizabeth led the ship back to the fleet with minimal additional losses, and that wild success prompted her switch into the Command track.

Unfortunately, this promising officer looked likely to stagnate forever. She did not make a good XO, not suited to the intricate details and exacting production of reports important to the position. It was her mentor, the kind Strat Ops officer, who persuaded other allies impressed with her command in battle, to give her a ship of her own. The USS Camelot...