Jayashri Meryn

Name: Jayashri Indira Meryn
Race: Betazoid
Birthplace: Betazed
Birthdate: 2361
Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 63 kg
Hair: Black/Brown
Eyes: Black
* Father: Doran
* Mother: Indira Meryn (deceased)
* Adopted Mother: Lynae Kammelohr
* Adopted sisters: Lisbet, Gietl & Jireh


Physical Description: Jaya's is a strong yet slender build; standing just over five feet and nine inches in height, her lean frame is smoothly muscled - giving an apperance of beautiful health over sheer physique. Her skin posseses a warm earthen tone that compliments sleek black hair and striking eyes of the same hue.

Personality: For the first eleven years of her life Jayashri was raised in the lap of luxury - fostered to an elite Nakabi family and brought up to believe herself one of them. For this purpose she developed a sense of personal pride and honor from a young age, carrying herself with the utmost care and precision and - unfortunately - finding herself prone to looking down upon those she sees as less worthy than herself. Most times, this category is predominantly occupied by males.

Background: Jayashri Meryn was born to a Betazoid couple - one Indira Meryn and Doran Rehklau. Her father, Doran, was a merchant trader and her mother - while from a well-respected family - chose to follow him on his journeys. Thus it was that Jayashri found herself emerging into the world while aboard her father's vessel. Her arrival - though joyously welcomed - proved a tragedy. Soon after Indira took ill and nothing Doran could do helped the woman recover.

Too far to return to Betazed, the decision was made to find the nearest hospitable planet and implore upon their good will for medical assistance. The planet to which Doran arrived was unknown on any of his charts and yet seemed bustling enough to offer hope for his beloved's case. Docking within their space, he stood aside, infant daughter in his arms, as a collection of doctors - female, though this was not overly shocking to the man - tended Indira. She was whisked away to their medical facilities and declared dead one hour later. Burdened by grief, Doran went to the planet officials in order to prepare for the burial processes. It was then he learned just what sort of people he had come upon.

The planet's name was Nakabis III; a Matriarchial society in the extreme which made his homeland of Betazed seem the model of equal opportunity. Arrested for questioning regarding his wife's death, Doran was separated from his child while his ship was salvaged for all its worth. Months passed and yet no indication was made regarding his eventual release until - nearly half a year from his arrival - Doran was brought before the magistrate and given a choice. He could take his ship - what was left of it anyway - and return to his home alone; or, he could choose to remain - a soul indentured to the state. The one would grant his freedom while the other provided his only hope of seeing Jayashri again. Without hesitation Doran made his decision, willingly submitting himself to a life of virtual slavery.
  For Jayashri, her early life was a sense of oblivion - too young to remember much of her mother or father, she grew up as if she were one of the Nakabi elite by birth. Black eyes and black hair - though rare - nevertheless seemed to fit in just fine and her peers: girls , as no self-respecting mother would allow her child to socialize with a boy. Viewed as a delightful exotic, she was accepted as one of their own. As she reached puberty, however, everything began to change. Around her 11th birthday Jaya's psionic skills began to awaken, leaving her disoriented by near-crippling headaches and confused. Lynae, her adopted mother, began a whirl-wind effort to determine the ailment, taking Jaya to every physician on the planet, only to have a chance encounter with a bearded male cleaning the lobby in one establishment. One moment Jaya is writhing and moaning in pain and the next she is calm, contented.

It took a couple more visits to determine it was indeed this male's presence which seemed to be helping her daughter. With some reluctance, Lynae purchased the man's indenture and brought him back as a servant in her own home. From that point Jaya's life headed onto a new course. The man, of course, was her father - though Doran did not reveal this immediately to his daughter. Instead, he spent the next several years helping Jaya come to terms with her Telepathic and Empathic skills until the girl could not only wield her abilities, but could effectively shield her mind from the thoughts of others which had previously threatened to drive her mad.

It was at that point, in Jaya's 16th year, that she discovered the truth of who she was and how she came to live on Nakabis. A Betazoid cannot lie - and on the same vein can tell when others about them are doing so. She first sensed Doran's well-meant deception, though it was little more than an echo of her mother's blatant lies. Wisely, the girl kept this knowledge to herself, heeding her true father's council as she put in her application to the Nakabis military college.

Due to Jaya's favorable family history - or rather, the history of her adopted family - she was accepted and, as a parting gift, requested that Doran be given to her as a servant. It would be improper for a male to be a young woman's sole attendant, so Lynae made a compromise. Once more Doran's indenture was sold - this time to the Nakabi military academy - and Jaya was given the daughter of one of her lesser males to serve as attendant. The years passed - Jaya excelled in her courses and her relationship with Doran grew deeper. The school officials wee well aware of the girl's "peculiar condition" and allowed the pair to continue without protest. However this all fell to pieces when - upon graduation - Jaya attempted to purchase Doran's indenture for herself.

At first the academy seriously considered her proposal; after all, had not her mother specifically requested that Jaya have unlimited access to the male's presence throughout her school years? If he were so important, it would make sense for him to follow the girl into her life outside of the Academy. Just as they were ready to put their approval on the request Miri - Jaya's attendant her attendant - made known the real reason behind Jaya's request.

It appeared the young woman intended to free Doran and escape with from Nakabis. As expected, the officials came down on the pair like a load of bricks. Jaya was reprimanded; Doran was arrested and sent to the federal prison on charges of improper fratinization with women.

A younger Jaya would have pitched a fit worthy of her family's high standing, but the tempered young woman kept her cool. She accepted her punishment, admitting - as Doran instructed her from afar - that she had allowed him to influence her thoughts and begging forgivness for the acts of a foolish young. Considering her spotless record to that point, the Academy accepted her admission and Jaya was allowed to graduate with her class. Despite the uproar, she easily landed a position in the Nakabi guard.

For the next three years Jayashri strove to do her best in the guards - making a name for herself as effective and - above all - loyal. While some might translate her efforts as wishing to give her all to the government, Jaya saw them as the only tool she had to keep her faith until the day she could free her father for good.