Lieutenant Commander Kalesta Pavli
Name: Kalesta "Kali" Dionne Pavli
Gender: Female
Race: Human/El Aurian
Birth Date: 2270
Birth Place: Mantinea, Greece
Height/Weight: 5 ft/115 lb
Hair/Eyes: Black-Brown/Hazel

Physical Build: Kali likes to imagine herself a statuesque beauty, but even she realizes she must accept reality from time to time. Topping the scales at 115 lb (after an ice-cream and baklava spree) and a mere five feet, she is quite often easily overlooked by most. Thankfully, this has never bothered Kali, as she insists there are comfortable stools and attractive heels to compensate should the need strike. Blessed with a clear complexion, she tends to shy away from cosmetics - other than to add a touch of color at the end of a hard day.

* Father: Dr. Grigori Pavli - Human (Deceased)
* Mother: Ama Pavli - El Aurian
* Siblings:
** Dr. Nikolo Pavli (and Stefani, with 3 children)
** Arturo Pavli (and Elizabeth, with 2 children)
** Darius Pavli

* Grammar School: Private
* University: Doctorate in History Education; Doctorate in Medical - specializing in Family Practice.
* Academy Major: Medical
* Academy Minor: Psychology

Service Record:
* Assistant Chief Medical Officer: USS Tomcat
* Chief Counselor: USS Tomcat
* Chief Medical Officer: USS London.

Kali's was a simple - if privileged - life. Born to a Grecian Physician and his refugee El Aurian wife, she was the third of four children, and the only girl. She made her home in Mantinea, found in the Peloponnesian region of Greece. She spent her childhood in private schools and dance classes, her strengths falling in Sciences and History. While it was family tradition for the eldest son to follow his father's foot-prints, no one would have been disappointed should more physicians come to light. In the end, however, when it came time to declare a degree, Kali's heart led her to the education fields - particularly history. Applying her focus, she made good time in graduation, pressing on to achieve a Doctorate in History Education. From there she went on to land a position as Professor in her Alma Mater.

About this time, Kali met a Starfleet Lieutenant by the name of Geoffry Harper. Theirs was a casual relationship at first that blossomed over the following years into genuine love until the decision was made that, on the completion of his next mission, they would finally marry. Unfortunately fate conspired against them as the Lieutenant's ship was lost in space, never to be recovered. Kali grieved his loss; she had been resigned to the knowledge that she - with her near ageless heritage inherited from her mother - would long outlive any human spouse. But to have one so cruelly ripped from her life - before he had even truly reached his prime - was a betrayal. Unable to continue with her teaching, she stepped down from her position - months shy of attaining tenure.

The move wasn't wholly a dead end; Kali took a year to resettle herself, and to re-evaluate her direction in life. While she loved teaching, Geoffry's disappearance had taught her something: hers was not to be a simple, placid existence. God had granted her a life-span that rivaled many; rather than spin her wheels in the past, didn't it make sense to press in and work towards improving the future? Swallowing her pride, Kali re-enrolled into University - this time on the Medical track.

  Second time around proved not nearly as difficult. Her general requirements were over-looked in lieu of her exemplary grades before, and instead Kali was able to focus on her major. Time passed and soon she was donning the doctorate mortar again - this time as a qualified physician. Kali began her new career in her father's - now elder brother's practice.

Her father - though still healthy - was pressing well into his 80's and welcomed the chance to retire in peace, knowing his work was in good hands. He was pleased to see his daughter joining the "fold" so to say, and found the young woman's grace and patience a blessing to the family practice he had worked so many years to build. As for Kali, she was content to put the past behind her and focus solely on her clients.

This life would have continued indefinitely - could have continued - except that Kali felt her heart tugging her beyond her present state.

As her father finally ended his years at the lofty age of 140, Kali made her next move - this one to Starfleet. It would be the furthest she had ever travelled from her home - making the journey from Greece to San Francisco - but Kali saw it as just the first step to an even greater departure: Space.

Applying to the Medical field, with secondary practice in counseling, her career in Academy progressed much as it had in the civilian world. Knowing better than to press herself into insanity, Kali still finished within the top 20% of her class - a comfortable margin that gave her the shot at an Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Tomcat under a Commander Donovan Asher. Kali served aboard the ship through three progressive missions before considerable damage caused for the crew to move to a new vessel - this one an Akira.

Shortly after the move Kali stepped down from ACMO to fill a much needed Chief Counselor position. During her service Kali was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and stood as Second Officer for the ship. Two years later the ship was decommissioned after the Captain was called into higher services. Deciding to take a much-needed break, Kali commissioned herself a visit to Risa; and it was there Starfleet found her when a ship preparing to depart - the USS London - found itself without a CMO. Packing her bags, Kali accepted the offer and was off again.

Kali remained with her ship until providence decreed the time to move forward had arrived once again. Expecting another counseling berth, she was surprised when Star Fleet approached her with the offer to serve as Executive Officer of the USS Camelot. It took only a moment's hesitation in thought before Kali accepted.
Personality Profile: Half El-Aurian, Kali is blessed with centuries instead of decades to spend her life. Though comfortably into her first hundred years, she still maintains the looks of a woman in her early thirties - if not younger at times. Part of this she passes off as good genes, the rest she claims has to do with her size. Her favorite quote was penned by Shakespeare: "Though she be but little, she is fierce." Kali is typically easy going, but when riled she will not quit until she has made her point clear.  
Then, if the other party is properly subdued, she might offer to tend the wounds. Religion-wise, Kali is a devout Orthodox Greek Christian. It was her father's beliefs, was adopted by her mother, and is cherished by her and her brothers.

Abilities: Intelect, tri-lingual (Federation Standard, Greek, El-Aurian), a talented ballet dancer; she enjoys taking up the practice in her free time.