Ensign Trisha Lee

Unit of Merit, Bronze

Name: Trisha Wendy Lee
Race: Human, Female
Age: 21
Position: Engineering Officer

APPEARANCE: Trisha has a youthful face and quick smile. Shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes with a height of 160cm, and a weight of 44Kg.

PERSONALITY: An introvert, Trisha often try’s to raise the spirits of others, but her nervousness and discomfort in social situations often leaves her stammering and searching for something to say. Considered “Clumsy”, “Jittery”, ”High-strung” and “ill at ease” by her instructors, it was first thought that she would fail at Academy life, till her extreme skill at the helm and engineering became evident.


Though her poor inter-personal skills continue to hinder her in making friends, and forming relationships. Trisha is the type of person who must weigh each option before making a decision. Quick decisions are difficult for her to make, and often result in her being frustrated and reduced to self doubt. She feels more at home crammed in one of the access panels of one of her custom made racing shuttles with a hyper spanner, than she would at lunch with a gathering of friends

Trisha grew up in the Midwest of the former United States. Her father, James Lee, was a career officer with a long, but lackluster service record as Captain of the USS Sutherland. Her mother Patti Lee, continues to run a small antique store with James and Trisha's other siblings Mark and Jennifer Lee.

As a child, Trisha would sneak out onto the roof with an old-fashioned glass lens telescope to look at the stars until dawn. Taking detailed notes, she would create her own star maps and constellations saying that she would rather “learn on her own” rather than rely on someone else's research.

During her early teenage years, Trisha began to express a love for space craft design, By age 14 she had submitted nearly 100 craft designs and improvements to Utopia Planitia and received a letter commending her designs, and inviting her to join the staff of the shipyards when she came of age. By age 15, she was designing non-warp racing craft, which she and her father would race in various competitions. It was here that her piloting skills become clearly evident, as a natural-born instinct. When she was at the controls of the craft, the change in her personality was as different as night and day. Gone was the skittish, stammering child, replaced by a forceful, a cunning and daring pilot that showed little fear in taking risks. Particularly in The Oort cloud race. In that race, a navigational shield of her design, allowed her to fly thought the debris of the cloud at a faster velocity than her competitors. She then used the exhausts from her engines to melt the perma-frost from  several proto-comets she passed, obscuring her competitor's vision and allowing her to win the race.

In Starfleet, she chose to study both Engineering and Helmsmanship, dropping her concept-designer classes, in favor of the dual major.

Trisha is distantly related to the American Civil War General Robert E. Lee. When it became known at the Academy that she was self-conscious about this fact, the other cadets took to simply addressing her as “Lee” the trend stuck.

Craft racing, Land based astronomy, Mechanics and General tinkering with things. Designing, building and testing non-warp racing craft. Like the rest of her family, Trisha has a love for antiques and the old-fashioned. She prefers function over form, and does not believe an object to be “obsolete” unless there is absolutely no further possible use for it. As a hobby, Trisha builds small racing craft in her spare time. She has been known to loose track of time wile doing this, and has shown up late to duty shifts still covered in grease.

Being the center of attention. Large gatherings of people.

During a training exercise on scaling cliff faces, one member of her team was killed and two injured when she neglected to check the mooring spikes holding the rope ladder to the cliff face, after she had planted them. Cadet Jack Dereeves, was killed in the fall, and Cadets Jane Lowmer, and Danielle Ross were severely injured. Her team members blamed her for the death, and the injuries, nearly as much as she blamed herself. As a result, Trisha has an extreme dislike of away missions, and will do nearly anything to avoid them.

As Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Odin, she took and active role in the destruction and damage of multiple Starfleet ships, in an attempt to oust a corrupt Admiral, causing the deaths of several of her fellow Starfleet Officers and crew on several ships. The stigma of that incident continues to follow her, making her even more of an outcast.

Trisha views flying and starship combat as a sort of game, or race. She often takes risks in flight combat, because she does not consider the possibility of her own death, or the death of her crew. In her mind, she' is not facing another starship crewed with people, rather she is only facing another starship with an opposing goal. The human element is, as such, lost to her.