Lieutenant Commander Madeline Merriweather

Recruitment Award Tour of Duty: Klingon Unit of Merit, Bronze
Name: Madeline Merriweather
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Long black hair, oftentimes with a few red streaks in. Steely-blue eyes. Fair skin. Blood-red lips. Most of the time she wears a dark eyeliner around her eyes. Many piercings adorn her ears, and she even wears one in her nose

Not an extremely tall nor a very short woman, standing at an average 5'9". However, her healthy 170 lbs weight ensures that she is a sturdy and Quite well-padded individual, though she still maintains a healthy middle ground between sensuous and generous curves, and a toned, trained physique. Obviously someone who takes pride in her appearance.
Almost always seen with a multitude of silver bracelets and heavy rings, oftentimes with coffin or skull motifs on them. She exchanges them freely between fingers and hands and has no set pattern for wearing them.

Intelligent, rebellious, passionate and driven. Madeline loves to be the center of attention, and her fierce and bright nature helps her achieve that.

Being a perpetual tease, constantly striving to nudge the rules and test her superiors and her preference for the loudest, hardest and fastest music imaginable only helps.

She takes her duty very seriously, though - and underneath the seemingly disrespectful exterior lies a woman who has nothing but the utmost respect for rank.

She just doesn't like actively showing it.

Born in Berlin to American immigrants in 2354, Madeline Merriweather enjoyed a carefree youth. Her parents were quite liberal in their upbringing of the young Madeline, raising her according to the age-old saying of 'Experience is the best teacher'.

This in turn caused Madeline to try everything that God forbade - and then some. Drugs, alcohol, sex - and she lived to regret most of those choices. Experience really did teach her - and she hasn't touched drugs, tobacco or alcohol (Except for a beer every now and then) in over 13 years now.

Another thing this liberal upbringing brought Madeline, was a very strong and resilient personality, and a very strong will. All things that have served her well, during her time in the academy.

Her network of friends and acquaintances - many of them from the fringes of society, introduced her to a few other things that have stuck A love for the loudest and most confrontational types of music known to man, for example - and even her hobby - playing the electric guitar - came from this.

  During her academy days, she was known as a hellraiser. Having spent considerable time in the Headmaster's office, having caused more than one teacher to take a stress-related vacation, having come close to being kicked out completely but never quite crossing the final border, the mere mention of her name would probably still cause more than a few hearts to skip.

She chose the path of engineering, as her major - a discipline she showed remarkable affinity for. She even came third in a planetary jury-rig contest, behind two asian girls. Eventually she graduated from the academy - and the academy become considerably calmer and quieter when she was gone.

Her Starfleet career so far was in some ways similar to her Academy days - still a hellraiser, though age and experience have calmed her down considerably since then. But even now that she's nearing 30 and has achieved Full Lieutenant rank and the position of Chief Engineer on the Starship Camelot.

Her time on the Camelot was also filled with ups and downs, some more dramatic than the other. From a crashed wedding where she lost the use of her legs, to a court-martial where she was acquitted of all accusations to finding the love of her life, Jason Rawles, until that crashed and burned around her as well.

Another promotion later, the Lieutenant Commander is trying once again to pick up the pieces of her life. She walks with the use of a powered, metallic walking frame strapped around her legs, and is usually followed by her loyal spiderdrone, Sparks - both the drone and the frame of her own design.

But one thing is certain .. This engineer has a tendency to make life interesting for herself and everyone around her, and most of the time entirely by accident.