Lance Corporal Martin Tyrion

Unit of Merit, Bronze

Name: Martin Tyrion
Race: Terran
Gender: Male

Appearance: Slightly taller Martin stands around 5'11". His body looks athletic as someone who keeps running as a very loved hobby. His crystal blue eyes are what usually catch people's attention. He keeps his face clean shaven for professional reasons. His bright smile always seems genuine and warm. He keeps his hair short and neat and there never seems to be a hair out of place. His hands look very normal but if Martin's sleeves go up on his shirt you can see where they attached the prosthesis to his wrist. When asked Martin just smiles and says "Miscommunication." He is very quiet especially when he is walking and usually spooks people the first time they meet him. Character Personality: Martin is a very warm person as well as a very good actor when he wants to be. He can be very guarded when he first meets people but this is because of training and his job being very dangerous. When he gets to know someone he opens up very quickly and is actually quite talkative sometimes. He is always a gentleman and a flirt with women even when they are above rank from him which has definitely gotten him in trouble numerous times. When off duty he seems very laid back. But this is a front...while his body might be relaxing his brain is always observing everything around him. Towards his friend he is an open person about everything except his position. Martin is often a jovial person around his friends and can sometimes be the life of the party. During an assignment though he is cool, calculating and whoever the Department wants him to be.

Background: Martin doesn't know much about his family. Having lived in an orphanage for most of his life he really didn't have any other family really outside of the people who worked at the orphanage on Terra. When Martin was old enough he left the orphanage he grew up in and struck it out on his own. He started running with some really bad people and eventually got himself in trouble. The authorities gave him two choices, go to a penal colony for the next fifteen years of your life or join Starfleet. Martin made the obvious choice and joined Starfleet. He scored very high scores during his aptitude test and was scapped up by the military intelligence division. spending the next year in training Martin was finally put under supervision of his superior whose only form of identification given to Martin was his code name....Zephyr. Martin got his first real taste of action during the Dominion War. Martin and Zephyr were assigned to create a false ketracel-white smuggling ring within the A! lpha Quadrant to establish known smuggling meeting grounds between sellers and the Vorta as well as to establish who some of the major operators of this black market were. The operation was going smoothly, Zephyr and Martin had taken down more smugglers in six months then who were originally on record. That all changed during one smuggling job, Zephyr and Martin were meeting a Vorta named Firrus on a backwater neutral planet near the edge of the Alpha Quadrant. At the meeting the Vorta had uncovered both Zephyr's and Martin's identities and they were ambushed by part of the Jem'Hadar army under Firrus' control. Zephyr and Martin were taking cover trying to call in their pilot to beam them aboard when all of a sudden a photon grenade plopped by their feet. Zephyr pushed Martin out of the way as the grenade went off. Martin was mostly clear except his right hand which got caught within the blast radius and was taken off at the wrist. The wound was instantly cauterized and Mar! tin was able to be beamed aboard and the smuggling ship got away just in time. Martin survived his wounds and was able to get surgery to replace the lost hand with a robotic prosthesis that was the same as having a normal hand. When he was well enough to get debriefed, he went over the entire six month period of information with the higher echelon of the Starfleet Intelligence department and they found that not only had his information been helpful but it had helped save many ships from being overrun from the Jem'Hadar. Martin made several more missions like this before the end of the war. Now that the war is over he has moved around ship to ship doing different assignments ranging from scouting to undercover work. He has recieved transfer orders to the USS Camelot and that further information about his latest assignment will be issued there.