Niv Ma'chalaky

Name: Niv Ma'chalaky
Race: Mikoyan
Gender: Male

Niv Ma'Chalkay is a Mikoyan, a race of anthropomorphic fox-like creatures that have an extra pair of upper limbs, which end in long bat-like wings. Their fur is a soft amber and they tend to favor open flowing clothes to allow their wings room to move. Most of the clothing accessories that Niv Ma'Chalaky wears are suspended around him through the use of Shinestones, which only adds to his air of diplomacy.

Niv Ma'Chalaky is a kind fellow, one who doesn't resort to violence to solve his problems. He enjoys the prospect of flight, which comes naturally for his species. Niv Ma'Chalaky is a diplomat at heart, always seeking to resolve conflicts and disputes peacefully

Niv Ma'Chalaky is a member of the League of Sciences on Mikoya IV, his homeworld. He was a volunteer for their Aerospace leagues, and as quoted, whenever he looked up, all he saw was more sky. As a Teen, he worked hard in various schools and colleges for the change to join the League of Science and perhaps see what was up above in the sky of stars. As an adult, not only was he gifted in the fields of diplomacy and negotiation, but he also graded well enough to be accepted and soon become an active part of their budding aeronautics division.