Lieutenant Junior Grade Sean McCallister
NAME: Sean Ian McCallister
POSITION: Assistant Chief Tactical Officer
SPECIES: Human (Mother was Genetically Altered to Enhance Combat Abilities)
AGE: 32
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6'3" /220 pounds
EYES/HAIR: Ice Blue/Brown and Curly
DESCRIPTION: Sean is a tall and well-built man. He keeps a rakish grin plastered on his face. He keeps his curly hair in a high and loose, or close shaved sides and back but the top is let grow three inches. He keeps a mustache and goatee on his face lending to his rakish look. He likes to wear his flight jacket from his squadron whenever he can. His build is like that of a twenty-first century linebacker.

PERSONALITY: Sean is a driven man who is fiercely loyal to his mates and ship. He loves to compete even with himself. He has a dry and corny sense of humor that seems to come out in inappropriate times. He has a fondness for petite dark haired women.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES: His greatest strength is also his greatest weakness he won’t give up he will push himself beyond his limits if he thinks he is right. He is a strong tactician and fierce combatant but hates down time.

AMBITIONS: He wants the Command Chair of an explorer.

HOBBIES: Sean loves to play baseball, beach volleyball, and electric guitar. He has a fondness for history especially Star Fleet exploration history and aviation history. He also competes in martial arts tournaments.

LANGUAGES: Klingon, Cardassian

== FAMILY ==
FATHER: Master Chief Petty Officer Collin Sean McCallister (deceased)
MOTHER: Mary McCallister (missing presumed deceased)
OTHER FAMILY: D’rang (His Klingon “uncle”)

Sean was born to Chief Petty Officer Collin and his new bride Mary McCallister. His father was in Ops. His mother was a small time martial arts instructor. Sean was fond of following both his parents to work whenever he could. He excelled at martial arts and the flight simulator on base. That was heaven to him until the day his mother left for work and never came back. At age 10 he was left without a mother. He was distraught for over a year. Then one day on the promenade he ran into a mouthy klingon boy. The arrogant twit tried Sean and they fought, in the end Sean barley won. This little display of skill caught the eye of a visiting Mok’bara instructor, named D’rang. Sean and Collin became close to D’rang and saw him as more of an uncle to Sean.


When Sean was 14 his father was stationed on the USS Galaxy. Sean was so happy there. The Captain allowed him to serve as an acting ensign assigned to the shuttle bay. Sean was at home in a shuttlecraft. He even received a commendation when he saved the ships doctor from a Cardassian Fighter during a mission to evacuate a small colony of refugees near the DMZ. He engaged the fighter with his shuttle pod long enough to let the doc get onboard. His shuttle was destroyed but the Cardassian fighter was crippled. He was beamed out at the last second by his father. He spent a few days in sick bay. One month later he was accepted into the Academy.

In the Academy he was attracted to the Tactical Branch with a bent towards fighter piloting. He was in the precision flight squadron. It was there that he met his first love Sharon Mitchell another cadet in the squadron. They were an on again off again item though out the Academy. They finally broke it off during their cadet cruises. Sean returned to the USS Galaxy and she took a posting on USS Odyssey.

After he resigned from Star Fleet, Sean was D’rang’s first mate and helmsman on his freighter. It was his way of coming to terms with the death and destruction of the war. He had lost his father and so many of his mates. D’rang gave him a truly Klingon way to deal with the loss. After he paid his respects to his honored dead he decided to return to Star Fleet.

At the start of the Dominion war Sean was stationed at Starbase 12. He was assigned to the Alpha Squadron(a.k.a. the Starhawks). He was with the squadron the duration of the war. His call-sign was “Point” as he was known to be the point-man for the squadron. He became good friends with the Marine Beta Squadron(a.k.a. the Devil Rays), especially Ted Cassidy “the ugliest pilot alive”. Sean was know for his spatial/tactical awareness and tactical judgment. Sean was one of 5 pilots that survived the entire war in the squadron. Right after the war he resigned his commission. He recently returned to Star Fleet.