Lieutenant Junior Grade Megumi Ayamisaka

Unit of Merit, Bronze
NAME: Megumi Ayamisaka
POSITION: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
GENDER: Female
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5' 2''
WEIGHT: 110 lbs
EYE COLOR: Dark brown
HAIR COLOR: Black, but varies

DESCRIPTION: Her appearance is appealing, but nothing special. People often think she is younger then she really is since she's Japanese and this she often uses to her advantage. Her hair changes colors on a daily or weekly basis, from red to blue with the most popular one being dark purple. She's quite short and slim and along with that, agile. She's always carrying a smile on her face and some engineering tools by her belt.
A young officer who's always smiling and always working. She's not completely carefree, but will try to make the best of every situation. A realist that will rarely sugar-coat things and will be downright blunt about all the things she wants to say or is asked about. Rarely anything puts her completely down except a loss in a game of poker, but nobody witnessed that so far.

PERSONALITY: Megumi is quite a handful. She was called “the woman without tact” for quite a while during the Academy. People find her directness in combination with her cheery personality to be quite intimidating. She will speak her mind no matter what and be completely calm about it or even giving the same thing as a smile. Other then that, she is a good worker with a respect for any order given, there isn't a single one she will disobey or question.

Anyone who's depressed or feels out of place, she will try to help him and make him happy in her own personal way. Of all things, she loves a good stir of situations and relationship, as she finds it terribly amusing. Once people are accustom to her being blunt, they take her for what she is; a nice person who will do her best no matter what.

Strenghts: Cheerful, Creative

Weaknesses: Workaholic, too cough up in some of her thoughts, can be overly direct and tactless at times

AMBITIONS: To create a big series of holonovels and be famous for it

HOBBIES: Aikido, Writing, Card games and card tricks

LANGUAGES: Federation standard, Japanese, Vulcan

== FAMILY ==
MOTHER: Masami
BROTHER(S): Masahiro
SISTER(S): Nina, Katsumi
SPOUSE: none

Born on Moon (Sol) in a quiet family with Japanese origins as a less-quiet child. As a creative and bright child, she did well though her schooling and finally signed up for Starfleet even though she was considering a career in holonoveling. Her direct approach made it a bit hard to advance, but eventually, people got to like her through the Academy, engineering as her primary interest. After finishing, he spent a few years serving aboard starbases because she wanted to put more time in her creative side, but she quickly requested a transfer to a starship since she's hungry for adventure and more inspiration.

Starfleet Academy, Earth - Cadet
Starbase Pompei– Ensing / Engineering Officer
Starbase Wildwind – Lt. jg. / Engineering Officer
USS Camelot – Lt.jg. / Assistant Chief Engineering Officer