This is the website for the USS Camelot, a Star Trek RPbE in Task Force 47-C, Obsidian Fleet. Named for King Arthur's legendary court, the ship and crew seeks to confront evil in all it's forms and make the universe a safer place.

Commanding Officer: Elizabeth Hutchinson

The USS Camelot is a PG15+ SIMM. We reflect this rating by incorporating adult topics into our story line, but refrain from expressing these topics with extreme violence, excessive language, or offensive sexual descriptions.

Attention all ye fair citizens (and Officers, of course) of the Good Ship Camelot - we won an AWARD!!

That's right! The USS Camelot was selected to receive the Silver Unit of Merit for Task Force 47. Congratulations to all and keep up the great work!! You will find all your bios properly updated accordingly.
Unit of Merit, Silver

Hey, Lookee! An update at last!

Just a heads up to all, we officially have a new member on our manifest. Please give a hearty Camelot welcome to ENS William Kaplan, Assistant Chief of Science!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, loyal Denizens of the USS Camelot, I have wonderous news to announce! One of our own - LTJG Sean McCallister, Chief of Tactical - has been elected to stand representative as Obsidian Fleet Character of the year. This is a fleet-wide award and - as can be expected - is worthy of GREAT celebration! So everyone please join together in congratulating Mr. McCallister for his superb accomplishment!
On a related note, our XO, LCDR Kalesta Pavli, was nominated to the William Riker XO of the year award; unfortunately, it was a battle not won. Still, there is always next year!

First post of the new year and what fun news to announce! Our very own Captain Elizabeth Hutchinson has been selected to represent TF47 as the CO of Winter Quarter, 2008!! Congratulations, Cappy! Now just make sure we don't lose you to the dinos in this mission!!!
TFCO Quarterly

Congratulations!! The Crew of the USS Camelot has been selected as the Bronze Unit of Merit recipient for TG47-C. Our TGCO had this to say about us.

"The USS Camelot has become an example of leadership in their Task Group. Patience and an enduring spirit make this simm one of the crown jewels of Task Force 47."

The USS Camelot has officially been granted a SIMM rating of PG15+. What does this mean to us? Well, simply this, while we may touch upon sensitive adult topics, we will continue to tell our story in a respctful manner without extreme graphic violence, excessive profanity, or pornographic material.


Okay, crew - it's update time!

* We have a new member of the Camelot crew. Please offer a warm welcome to LTJG Benjamin Uriah Batono, our Chief of Security.

* Our own Sean McAllister has mangaed to wrangle himself a promotion - to LTJG as well as Chief Tactical Officer!!

*The site has been undergoing some updates to give it a bit of a fresh look. Please take the time to go over your character bio and check that all the details are correct. If something's missing, or if there are any changes you want to make, contact the Command Team and we will make adjustments as soon as possible.


We are now part of Task Group 47C. How will that change our operation? Well, there may be task group or task force related information in our plots.

There have also been plenty of crew changes over the past couple of months! Few people leaving and a lot of people joining. That's the way we like to do it. I'm proud to say that we are continuing to be the great ship I've always hoped this would be.


The Camelot has a new CO! We'll be finishing out our current mission as planned while I work on getting up to speed. I hope we can continue to be the great ship we've been all along. I know I've got a great crew working with me, and that really makes a ship.

Once we've got the proper access, we'll have a couple of new people joining the crew. Those of you who have just joined recently, sorry to spring all this sudden mad transitioning on you! Trust me, though, this ship has survived a couple of handoffs before, and we'll do our best to keep running with minimal interruption. Trust me, this will be the fun ship you heard about when you joined.